November Favourites ♥

November has ended ! So its time for me to share with you guys my favourites beauty products for this month. It was quite hard for me to choose which products were my favourite at first since I didn't want to share a product that I don't have a heart to it. However, I managed to grab three makeup products that I would swear by there were gorgeous and I really love it !

BrowZing by Benefits | Expensive but worth every penny. This is my first brow products and I was so greedy to grab this first instead of trying the drugstores one since I believe there are a lot of drugstores brow products that are so good. I don't know about the drugstores but this one is very good. Very pigmented, and very convenient since it is compact and has a clear high-quality mirror inside, so if you are the girl brow-is-everything, it would be so convenient for you to bring it anywhere without bringing a mirror. They also provided two very useful brushes and a tweezer. One angle brush and one blending brush. When I said, they are useful, they are actually very USEFUL.

NYX POWDER BLUSH | It is Fard a Joues. I was not loving the color at first since it is very striking and make me look like an opera lady. I wondered of why did I purchase this color instead of the others. However, I changed my thought after I know the correct techniques to apply it on my face. Since that, I wear this daily to my college and really help my face to look more awake and more radiant , cuter and everything haha. #serious talk. You should add blusher to your everyday look!

REVLON SUPER LUSTROUS | Oh,  I know I am Miss-Revlon-Lover, I've mentioned revlon lipstick in all of my monthly favourites , [Sept,Oct] but I can't deny it. I love their lipstick and had purchased a lot recently so I may share each color that I love every month with you. Can look at the color girls! It is like pinky berry color lipstick, try to swatch this on your lips once if you have time at Revlon. It is in code 033 It is Royal Matte. Why I love Revlon so much is because most of their lipstick last a lot longer than other drugstores lipstick. But I think I got to experiment more and definitely will share it with you. 
JOHN JACOB SPECTACLES | Last but not least, my NEW pair of spectacles from John Jacob. Finally, after 7 years of wearing the same spectacles. The old one is from Levis. It is already old and old fashioned but I got to admit it was very durable. It seemed unbreakable from all aspects. I have sit on it, slept, bummed, threw, still strong and sturdy. Despite its loyalty, I decided to change to a new and more parallel to the trend. I don't know it is trendy or not(lol), but it got leopard design at the back of the frame! Leopard is a thing to spectacles in 2016 right. Plus, I love the teddy look ! and it is a cat eyes frame which I think it would compliment your overall face look really. 

That's all for my November 2016 favourites. 
I was actually thinking to do a few category of my favourites in one post. For example, apart from my favourite of beauty products , I also want to share my favourites movies, musics, quotes and other. Will you like it ?

What is your favourites of the month ?

Let me know in the comment.
Thank you for reading !

My Blogging Space ♡

I found this blogpost idea from Erin. I think it is quite fun to tell the reader where is our favourite spot to blog and deliver our thought to the world. I have TWO favourite spots to write. One is at my study desk, and the another place is on the bed where I believe all the bloggers did this.  It's the comfiest place ever so why not aite? I love to keep my desk clean and organize. I usually have nothing on the desk except Macbook, a flower pot, pens, and a speaker. Other than that, my books, headphones, and the other random stuffs I will put them on the drawer beside my desk.

I also have a comfy chair to sit on. The original chair was not the comfiest, and I always had a backache due to sitting too long on this chair. Hence , I decided to add a very large square pillow on the chair. I bought the pillow at Commercial Street,Bangalore and I added up a furry blanket on top of the chair for a nice and fluffy touch to the spot other than for decorative purposes.
That's what I've done to this free chair by the way and I love it so much since it did compliment my study and blogging area. I bought the fur blanket from

 I told you I have two blogging spaces and it is on the bed. I usually blog on the bed at night when I was ready to sleep but couldn't get my hands off from the laptop. I love to do blog walking at night with the main lights off and sometimes just my fairy lights on and a sense of Vanilla from the candle on my side table that I bought from Ekam. I did really enjoy blogging on both spots. I've never blogging outside. Everything like writing, commenting, taking photograph and reading , there were only happened inside my room

Last but not least, my Blogging Space won't complete without this cutest creature ever. And she always there sitting right on my Mac keyboard. Due to certain reason, she loves to sleep,sit,walk on the keyboard all the time. Thus, I have to push her away and let her sleep or do whatever she want beside the laptop, not on it. 

Where is your blogging space ? 
Thank you for reading !

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer Review

Makeup begins with a perfect canvas, and it should stays from the hassle of the day. We can maintain the makeup on the right place without noticing our foundation has melt away, our blusher has fade down of our cheek simply by applying a good primer. This is my first time using a primer, check out my opinion.

Photoready Perfecting Primer claims to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, smooth skin texture, and tone. 
The strong features include photochromatic pigments bend, reflect, and diffuse light to minimize flaws , reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and even out skin’s texture. 

It comes in the same size of Photoready AirBrush Effect Foundation. Check out the review here. Short but wide with a strong and sturdy glass bottle. It has a pump too that will help to give a right amount of product and also for it to come out quite come out easily. It feels nice on my palm but I cannot really fit this in my travel makeup bag.

HOW TO : After toning and moisturize your face, apply  two pumps of the products evenly onto your face. Only a thin layer is needed to even out your skin and erase the redness away. 27ml of the product meant to last for a month.

I am not a big fan of a primer. I have one Porefessional Primer from Benefits. I bought it because of the hype but never really have used it yet because it is too expensive for a small product amount so I was being stingy there. 

However, I managed to grab this  from Revlon called as Photo Ready Perfecting Primer solely because the sale girl there conveyed me that by applying primer it will make my makeup last a lot longer, and my T-zone area would be less oily. Plus I want to get a free makeup box with a certain amount purchase so I just need to add up a few more bits of Revlon products. 

Luckily, I am not dissappointed at all with this primer because it does even out my complexion, reduce the redness and give me smooth&clean skin. It does leave a bit of white clump but it is not a problem at all because we can all always wipe it all the way.  The best part is it does not sink in the pores and not causing any break outs.

Where to : Guardian & Watson
I bought mine at Health&Glow India for Rs1150/ Rm71.8

Revlon Photoready AirBrush Effect Foundation Review

I am back with the beauty reviews. I miss doing this so much. I have collected and tried out a  bunch of makeup in this year, so I thought I would share my experience with you guys here. I'll try to make it as honest and original as I could. Enjoy reading them on my blog.

Revolutionary formula with Light-Filtering Technology delivers a poreless, airbrushed look. Soft-focus pigments create a luminous finish. your skin has never looked so flawless. There are 12 high-resolution shades of this new foundation starting from the fairest to the darkest; Ivory, Vanilla, Shell, Nude, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, Cool Beige, Golden Beige, Rich Ginger , Caramel, Cappuccino and Mocha. It has  SPF 20 and claimed to  give medium to high coverage.

It comes in a palm size big and a strong glass bottle containing 30ml of products. It is short but wide so sometimes I have a problem with fitting them into my makeup bag. Personally, I prefer the longer bottle than a wider bottle. However, if I bring less makeup,then this foundation won't have any problem going into them. Plus, it has a convenient pump to allow the product comes out quite easily without creating a mess. 

HOW TO : Apply moisturizer and primer first to create an ultimate base. Use your finger/brush/sponge to apply the product evenly on your face. 

 I have mine in Shell which is quite fair and I was always so bad choosing foundation shade for my skin. So I ended up looking too white with this foundation.  I have to mix with darker foundation to obtain the perfect shade for my skin. I like this foundation so far because it gives a good coverage. However , I didn't quite like the shimmery effects that it is quite obvious on my face.
Last 2 weeks, one of my friends said that I look like an old lady once. I ask him why, and he said that my foundation crack. It is either I forgot to wear moisturizer on that day or this foundation is a bit drying so make sure to moisturize your face first before applying it.

Repurchase :  NO
Where to : Guardian & Watson
I bought mine at Health&Glow India for Rs1000/ Rm62.5 

7 Deadly sins of beauty TAG!

I just finish my examination today, and I am so eager to update my blog and be a full-time blogger for a few days since I got holiday till this Sunday. Here I am, starting it with the TAG QUESTIONS. 
As from the title, it is about my 7 DEADLY SIN OF BEAUTY TAG. Basically, it comprised of my beauty greediness, wrath, lust and so on. Feel free to answer the question too while reading this. Have fun!

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
Talking about the inexpensive beauty item is easy because I started wearing makeup from the cheapest you would have ever seen in the supermarket. I remember having RM5 eyeliner as my favorite eyeliner ever. That was about 6-7 years back. However, my previous holiday at Malaysia make me grab all kind of makeup that I could, so I've to grab cheaper eyeliner at ECO Shop which means it was only RM2 for an eyeliner. Voila !

I remember I was not a girl who would splurge so much on makeup. For me , makeup products more than RM100 was ridiculous. So I'd never really want to buy any of it though I want to have it so badly. I just wish someone would give it to me. really. I know I was greedy back then. hehe. Unfortunately, all that old thoughts remained old. I am proud to tell you I have changed. #notsoproudstatement
I could spend a lot at Sephora in these days with just 2 - 3 items on hand. So my most expensive one so far is from Benefits. Hoola bronzer, browzing and the Porefessional. Also got an eyeshadow from MAC , one small 15g one color eyeshadow palette for RM60 is quite insane. Even NAKED palette would be cheaper.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
Love hate relationship would be false eyelashes ! I am so not confident to wear eyelashes outside simply because I am afraid that the eyelashes would fly away and only one left on one of my eyes. My paranoia is because I am so bad at applying those eyelashes on my eyes, they will either too high, or not center or eventually will hurt my eyes. I envy those who could wear them daily and always stay stunning AF. A pair of beautiful eyes really could change ones look you know. 

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
I guess it is the Lip Iced products since they have flavors to their lip balms or lip gloss so I loved to lick them right after wearing it. Other than ,  I can't think of anything since beauty products is not a foodie obviously lol. If you want to ask me about delicious food, I could list them all day long you know. Hm. Should I ?

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
I used to be very lazy to apply makeup when I was going out because I was always in hurry and I had to be fast. However, apparently, my time management has become better, hence I could apply more other than just a foundation and lipstick. A touch of blusher couldn't steal more than 10s. So when I go to my college, I am lazy to do my eyebrow and when I do my full face makeup, I am lazy to wear eyelashes and do nose contouring. 

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self-confidence?
I cannot live without a lipstick, otherwise, I would completely look like a zombie since my lips could be so pale and slight dark sometimes. So if I were to look most confidence, my lips have to be fully painted with a matte earth tone or dark plum lipstick. Other than that, I find mascara could open my eyes a bit and this will make me look unique and mysterious so I gained self-confidence from here as well. 

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive to the opposite sex?
This question deviates a little bit from all the questions above but if we're talking about the beauty of the opposite sex, I think it is their lips and their skin. It is either they have been gifted with a good skin or they took a really good care of it. Strong jawline could be an attractive features as well. 

7. ENVY: What beauty items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I want everything in Sephora, please ! Anything would be fine, but I don't prefer to receive a makeup as a gift unless I really want it and I put it on my beauty wishlist. #takenote However,  I love to receive something in a theme. For example Zoella beauty range, either Christmas range, Sweet range, I will kiss you a thousand times for this because I really want to own Zoella beauty range for years.

I really was having fun doing this tag. Hopefully, I could more in the future. Tag me if you have any of it. I would love to answer it more and more. 

I tag ErinAzmir, SyazaRaihanah and all of YOU to share your deadly seven BEAUTY SIN. Don't forget to leave your blog post link if you had done it. 

Thanks for reading !

Things I've learnt Since Having My Cat 😺

Gosh , I think the only things that are running on my blog recently were Monthly Favourites and Monthly Hello . How good I am right ? I just about to put the blame on my busy medical student's schedule but oh Anis, who you are going to fool right now? I am neither a hardworking student nor smart so I did really spend less time in front of books. Anis is not a good example. Don't follow her.

But I really should push my ass a bit harder so that I will have a bright future as bright as my little Snowy. I never properly tell you right that I have a kitten now ! and her name is Snowy . I called her Nowi and sometimes pumpkins or princess or anything that is sweet and cute. That would really symbolise her because she is really CUTE AND SWEET~~ though sometimes she could be a lil naughty.

I must sound a little addicted and fanatic to my cat right? No I ain't. I maybe a bit freaking out because this is my first kitten I ever have and with her , I have to adapt and learn everything new about cat. I want a cat so much before though I was a little bit scared of them. However, things changed so rapidly that I did not afraid of cats anymore.  Not at all. #hehe

I've had Snowy for just over 3 months now and here are few things that I've learned.

She sleeps like a human baby
I was a bit worried before this to the fact she always sleep under my bed, under my wardrobe or on my bathroom doormat. It was actually most of the time that she slept and ignored me. This make me feel confused and worried that she might having some kind diseases and me her become less active. As this matter really concerned me, I had googled up - 'why my kitten always sleep?' and the answer turned out, it is a normal cycle for a kitten to sleep double hours than us which mean 16-18hours in a day. It was actually a new fun fact about a cat for me ! Generally, the sleep cycle for a kitten and a human baby is just the same except that human baby cried when they woke up but my kitten don't :)

She woke up when I woke up
I was amaze to see this cat behaviour cause I never really know about  this. I thought a cat would just mind their own business, like sleeping around or playing around without being affected by human but apparently whenever I opened my eyes and start to go the toilet to take wudhu , she will just wake up. And her behaviour during waking up was so cute and hilarious. She was just like a human. You know when you woke up and you still don't want to wake up because it's too early so you kind of having an unopened or slight open eyes expression with wrinkly forehead. Obviously I cannot see my kitten's skin on the forehead because it's full of fur but you kind of can tell if someone had those unsatisfied expression, if you know what I mean.

 She loves to be on prayer mat
Not that she loves to wake up as early as Subuh time and went back to sleep, she also loved to be on my prayer mat when I was praying.To be honest, I kind of distracted with her because she was there right in the middle of the prayer mat when I was praying. so usually i will avoid her so I was not in the center of my prayer mat anymore and try to push her a little bit just for me to still praying on the prayer mat. But now , I kind of just pray with her being in the middle, lolz, you can't imagine how was it right ? you don't have to, but I really wanted to ask ustaz about my validity of the prayer :D

She won't be inside my room if I'm not here
She always and always follows my steps whenever I go inside the house.  She also won't go out of the room when I am inside. She knows her owner and she never ignored me though other of my housemates always play with her but she kind of only want me like I am her little caring and kind mommy. hehe 

I never get bored
Living alone in a room of rented house with our friends could be quite lonely sometimes. She is my life savior. At least I won't live with boringness or depression though I am a type of girl who is difficult to get bored. About depression , I have someone to share my emotional thoughts or unsatisfaction without being judged or being insulted back. lol

I have to deal with gross stuff
When you are dealing with poops of any creatures on the earth , it would be really GROSS right? and I hate cat poops and who's in the earth likes them? i hate the liquid texture of the poops too !  Luckily Snowy poops are not really smelly yet and they're semi solid. so I just have to grab those gross thing with tissue and throw it into dustbin in case she kind of pooped outside of the litter box. It had occured once so far. Anyway, a small reminder here , never messing with cat owner's dustbin coz u could be messing your hand with cat poop. ;;)

That's all for today. I might do part 2 if I learnt more about cats in future, If you have any question, just let me know and you can ask it in the comment section below or here [ASK ME ANYTHING]

Do you have a pet ? If yes , what do you love about them ?
If no , do you want one ?
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